Arco Distance Learning and Exchange Programme

Arco instruments - Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music

Our young music students in the company of the newly arrived fabulous instruments donated in the UK by generous donors.

Arco is a joint project established in 2015 between the string department of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music, recently renamed Morris Isaacson Centre for Music.

This project removes distance as a challenge restricting the opportunity for on-going cultural exchange between institutions on different continents. Our students and tutors in Soweto, through internet connection from our media room, benefit from the teaching and expertise of the staff and senior students at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, who in turn gain valuable teaching experience through our young musicians. Not only does Arco double the teaching time we can offer these students, but opens up a reciprocal network for the sharing of skills between facilitators.