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Nerds rule! Join us!
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Early Childhood Development
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Music and Community Centre in Soweto
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Why Music is a great Investment!

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We at MIAGI invest in human capacity through music. Human capacity is the only way to functioning, healthy and sustainable societies.

Music moves us, music strengthens us emotionally, music helps us connect across all borders.

MIAGI - Music is a great Investment, established in 2001 (Reg. No. 2001/015788/08), is a Section 21 Company - not for profit - based in South Africa founded and managed by Robert Brooks, Executive Director and Ingrid Hedlund, Creative Director.



MIAGI Cultural Investment Centre Khayelitsha 'M'CICK'

The MIAGI Orchestra Tour of Europe 2024 and Tours on the African Continent

Extending our Early Childhood Development Music Project

The Legacy of the Penny Whistle

MIAGI Trainees Programme

What we do:

  • We built and developed a thriving educational institution, a music and community centre in Soweto - the Morris Isaacson Centre for Music.
  • We support other music initiatives and institutions.
  • We support exceptionally talented individuals.
  • We support exceptional music ensembles.
  • We operate on an intercultural, global level and have brought artists and people and music genres together that otherwise would perhaps not have met. As UNESCO says in their Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity: "Creation draws on the roots of cultural tradition, but flourishes in contact with other cultures."
  • We educated young aspiring composers and arrangers, and commission works from them.
  • Through our MIAGI Orchestra, free of charge for the members, we create opportunities for our young artists to perform at many of the most prestigious stages and festivals in the world and work with excellent tutors and conductors.
  • We assist smaller ensembles and formations deriving from our orchestra work, as well as individuals, to create a brand for themselves and become cultural entrepreneurs.
  • In connection with our major orchestra projects and tours, travel costs, accommodation and subsistence are fully covered by MIAGI. The young musicians also receive stipends.
  • Wed channel and create job opportunities for our musicians.
  • Over the years MIAGI created temporary and longer-term jobs for over 1100 South Africans.


Our two major partners, currently funding MIAGI's overall operations, are the Barbara und Wilfried Mohr-Stiftung and Robert Bosch (Pty) Ltd

In addition, the Barbara und Wilfried Mohr-Stiftung is also since 2018 generously funding one prime MIAGI supported project partner, the MUZUKIDZ 

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MIAGI is approved for purposes of section 18A of the Income Tax Act (Act 58 of 1962)

Music Is A Great Investment is approved for purposes of section 18A(1)(a) of the Act and donations to the organisation will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors as prescribed in section 18A of the Act.

Donations made to or by the Music Is A Great Investment are exempt from Donations Tax in terms of section 56(1)(h) of the Income Tax Act.  

  • Section 18A receipts will be issued for those MIAGI public benefit activities listed in Part II of the Ninth Schedule to the Act such as  education and development, welfare and humanitarian.
  • A tax deductible receipt will be issued to the donor in the year the donation is received by Music Is A Great Investment approved for purposes of Section 18A.
  • Tax deductible receipts may only be issued for bona fide donations.  

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