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The Music is a great Investment MIAGI Journey began in 2001, under the name International Classical Music Festival, ICMF. We said (and still today say) that all music of great power, significance and beauty, posesses intrinsic, sublime value which makes it last over centuries, even year thousands. To us, this is what the word 'classical' in our name of those days meant.

All cultures in all corners of the world, have given birth to such everlastingly powerful, significant and beautiful music.


Our logo when MIAGI was still ICMF

International Classical Music Festival ICMF



In 2005 Miriam Makeba, for the first time in South Africa, performed together with a large symphony orchestra. These historic MIAGI concerts marked the beginning of 'Mama Afrika's' retreat from the international stages.


Miriam Makeba MIAGI 2005


Video: More selected MIAGI Posters from 2001 to 2008 with music; excerpt from the MIAGI Commissioned 'Celebration Suite' by Anders Paulsson, performed by MIAGI Youth Orchestra and Anders Paulsson, soprano saxophone, conducted by Duncan Ward.